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I have the goods, I am seeking transport

By freight transport, we are to understand the movement of goods from the manufacturer or dispatcher to their final beneficiary, with specific means adapted depending on the distance or characteristics of the goods transported.

The freight transport can be done mainly: by road, in this case the cargo is loaded and delivered to the destination in trucks, by sea, when the goods are to be delivered to another continent, in this case the cargo being loaded into containers and embarked on the ship or by air when it is important to be delivered to the beneficiary fast.

In each of the aforementioned situations, the goods are properly packaged and a set of documents is drawn up to accompany the goods throughout its route to the final destination.

In the case of road freight transport, it is important to consider the specificity of the goods: thus, according to their nature, there are goods that must be transported in certain temperature conditions or which require a truck with certain equipment, as it is the case of transporting hanging clothes. During the transport, the cargo is anchored with straps to avoid its movement and damage.

It is also important to know how the goods are loaded and unloaded, if a forklift is used and are loaded through the back of the truck or it is desired to load using the forklift on the side of the truck, in which case we cannot send a truck with metallic walls to be loaded. There are cases when, for oversized cargoes, the supplier wants to load using a crane, which means completely uncovering the truck, which of course has to be of tarpaulin type. It is also advisable to take into account the means for unloading at the destination, since they can be different from those used for loading and thus the means of transport must be correctly chosen.

A good communication between the transport company, the customer and the final beneficiary of the cargo is essential, thus the cargo is transported in optimal conditions and appropriately to its nature.

The tendencies currently occurring on the road transport market in Romania as well as on the road transport market in other countries particularly take into account specialists’ concerns to make this method of transport as economical and profitable as possible. In this respect, the following are worth noting:

the tendency of increase in the power and capacity of the automotive means of transport. Modern trucks are characterised by increased robustness and greater autonomy in fuelling;

the automotive means of transport become increasingly more specialised, depending on the nature and characteristics of the goods transported.

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